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NCS offers a training course for individuals interested in becoming qualified for in-place testing of nuclear air cleaning systems. The two to three day course will teach you skills necessary to test and certify systems containing HEPA particulate filters and carbon adsorbers.

The course offers a very good blend of textbook theory combined with hands-on training. Actual test equipment and components are used in the training sessions. The entire criterion developed for the training course is based on industry standards ANSI/ASME N509/N510 and Regulatory Guide 1.52.

Additionally, some classroom time is spent on discussing laboratory radioiodine testing of carbon samples and NRC regulations and positions relating to nuclear air treatment systems. Interaction among students and instructors is encouraged to stimulate discussions related to class materials and/or personal experiences within the industry.

NCS offers two options for attending the training course.

  1. NCS Facility -

    NCS offers the training course at its Columbus, Ohio office. This course may be modified for content that is client specific. Contact NCS Corporation for additional information.
  2. Client Facility -

    NCS can conduct a filter training course at a clients facility. All of the training equipment and materials necessary for conducting the training are portable, and may be shipped to your facility. Additionally this course can be tailored to your needs. Contact NCS for additional information.

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