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NCS Corporation was established in 1968 as an independent testing firm specializing in IN-PLACE TESTING of ESF (Engineered Safety Feature) gas filtration systems and their components. NCS personnel have been very active in various workshops and standards committees for the development of test programs that define acceptance and surveillance test procedures. Our test personnel are qualified to ANSI N45.2.6, Level III.

NCS operates a CARBON TEST LABORATORY for radioiodine testing on activated carbons (a component of an ESF systems). We have been involved with regulatory and utility groups to improve test procedures. Our personnel were instrumental in the development of ASTM procedures for performance requirements and physical properties of activated carbon. Our laboratory is recognized as the leader when testing of carbons for nuclear purposes.

NCS markets TEST EQUIPMENT for in-place testing of filtration systems for those who would prefer to develop their own testing program. Additionally we offer NIST traceable calibration and repair services for your equipment.

NCS offers a TRAINING for those who have developed their own testing program. The training can be conducted at our facility or at any site preferred by the customer.

NCS supplies NUCLEAR GRADE ACTIVATED CARBONS that meets the specifications of ANSI/ASME N509-1980, table 5.1. This material is manufactured and tested in lots of up to 350 cubic feet.

NCS offers a CARBON FILTER REFILLING service for those who have installed carbon filters in their ESF systems. This service includes cleaning and refurbishing the filters (minor repairs if necessary), new sealing gaskets and filled with new activated carbon that has been tested in accordance with ANSI/ASME N509-1980 Table 5.1and ASTM D3803-1989. Filters are individually shop tested per ANSI/ASME N510 prior to shipment to customer.

NCS is pleased to have a working agreement with LAGUS APPLIED TECHNOLOGY, INC., which allows use to conduct ventilation performance analysis using tracer gas. Services supplied include control room habitability in-leakage, and duct leakage measurements, and flowrate measurement. LAT has brought to our industry vast knowledge and expertise in tracer gas testing acquired during many years of testing in the military, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, chemical, and petroleum industries.

All our products and services are tailored around a comprehensive audited quality assurance program meeting the requirements of 10CFR Appendix B. and N45.2.

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