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NCS offers a complete in-place leak testing service for Engineered Safety Feature nuclear air treatment systems in accordance with all revisions of applicable codes, standards and regulations. With multiple field teams, NCS is able to respond rapidly to customers emergencies.

Our field personnel are thoroughly experienced in leak testing of Nuclear Air Treatment Systems in accordance with the latest standards, including ANSI N510 and AG-1. All are certified to ANSI N45.2.6, each having accumulated over 30 years of field experience testing safety-related ventilation systems. Our personnel serve on various industry technical committees and have played a significant role in the development of in-place leak testing techniques. Our customers are able to take advantage of over 100 man-years of NCS experience in the Nuclear Air Cleaning field.

Our personnel take pride in identifying the individual challenges that testing each system presents, and this knowledge allows us to function at a level of field independence consistent with your desires, plant policy and procedure. Often, it is NCS personnel who provide the detailed, hands-on turnover to plant personnel newly assigned to these systems

Consider the following benefits to having NCS as a partner in your Ventilation System Testing Program:
  • Field personnel, each with over 30 years of testing experience
  • All personnel certified to ANSI N45.2.6 Level III
  • Technical Specification Review
  • Program and Procedure Review
  • Effective Trouble Shooting and Problem Resolution
  • State-of-the-Art field-testing equipment meeting the requirements of ANSI/ASME N510 and AG-1.
  • Personnel extensively trained for work in the RCA
  • Field personnel able to function in consulting if necessary for in-plant meetings
  • Field personnel supported by NCS radioiodine laboratory
  • Field Teams with equipment to support urgent schedules

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