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Nuclear Grade Activated Carbon...


  • Impregnated with TEDA and/or KI.
  • Certified in accordance with Plant Technical Specifications and FSAR requirements.
  • Packaging in 55 gallon fiber drums with plastic liners.
  • Typical Methyl Iodide (CH31) removal efficiency of > 99.0% when tested at:
    30ºC, 95% RH (ASTM D3803-89).
  • Meets chemical and physical properties specified in ANSI N509-1980, Table 5-1.

Nuclear Grade Carbons...

Type CNN-816 Nuclear Grade Activated Carbon
    - MSDS CNN-816 PDF File
Type CNG-816 Nuclear Grade Activated Carbon
    - MSDS CNG-816 PDF File


  • Refilling for AACC-CS-8T type I & II adsorbers and special adsorber designs.
  • Old gaskets and sealing pads replaced.
  • Minor repairs included at no charge.
  • Refilled with adsorbent certified to U.S. NRC Reg. Guide 1.52 and GL 99-02.
  • Pressure drop at rated flow & R-11 leak tests performed on filled adsorber.
  • New boxes, plastic liners and skids included in cost of refilling.
  • Certificate of Conformance furnished with all shipments.

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