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NCS supplies NUCLEAR GRADE ACTIVATED CARBONS that meets the specifications of ANSI/ASME N509-1980, table 5.1. This material is manufactured and tested in lots of up to 350 cubic feet.

NCS offers complete in-place leak testing, laboratory radioiodine testing and tracer gas testing services.

NCS offers training for those who have developed their own testing program. The training can be conducted at our facility or at any site preferred by the customer.

NCS markets test equipment for in-place testing of filtration systems for those who would prefer to develop their own testing program. Additionally we offer NIST traceable calibration and repair services for your equipment.

NCS Customers may review their charcoal sample log and radioiodine test reports here... 

NCS Corporation was established in 1968 as an independent testing firm specializing in in-place testing of ESF (Engineered Safety Feature) gas filtration systems and their components.

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